Your life is online.

Then why isn’t your therapist?

IAMH offers low-cost, high quality online counselling and e-therapy. Your mental health should get the support it needs, even if your schedule doesn’t have much room for it.

Online therapy is affordable, convenient and confidential. So let’s achieve our mental wellness goals, and #staywholesome!

Why Choose Online Therapy?

There are a number of reasons why eTherapy may be the right fit for you. Of the top of our heads, here’s a few:


With online therapy, you’re saving on transit and don’t pay for any office or extra costs. All you need is your phone or computer.


It’s quick! There’s no need to sit around in receptions and waiting rooms. You chat directly with your therapist from anywhere you want.


eTherapy allows you to access therapy in a safe and confidential manner from the comfort of your home. No new places to go to.

What makes eTherapy at IAMH so special?

Glad you asked. IAMH offers some of the lowest cost online therapy services in the world. But we do this with no compromise on quality. Our location in India allows us to operate at a lower cost compared to other companies, but our drive for excellence ensures we maintain international standards of healthcare.

We Are:


With a backbone in research on new age interventions, the IAMH team brings psychotherapy to the digital age. We incorporate new technology and up to date research that’s backed by science – and cut out the stuff that isn’t. The result is a quality product that offers effective treatment.


Not only are treatments offered by IAMH high quality, they’re also low-cost so that everyone can afford it.

We’re inclusive and affirmative – meaning we ensure you have a safe space that is judgement free. Doesn’t matter what your gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background is.

We’re also available on both audio and video – whatever works for you! We use Google Meet – so you can join from your browser, and offer HIPAA complaint options.


Our practitioners’ credentials include membership of not only National Association of Psychological Science in India, but also the Amercian Psychological Association the International Association for Applied Psychology and the British Psychology Society.

Needless to say, we understand mental healthcare first hand. All our therapists are verified and individually trained.

How does it work?

We offer eTherapy in the format that works for you! Our rates are the same for text, voice or video.

Choose your style of conversation


Some people prefer face-to-face communication to feel more in touch with the other person.


Some people feel talking on the phone is the best way to pour their heart out.

There’s no one right way! IAMH focuses on the individual, and so does our method of communication. You do you. We’ve got your back!

Affordable Pricing

We offer low-cost therapy options for folks on a budget, as well as premium options for those living a fast-paced life. Choose what suits you best!

Global Access

The beauty of eTherapy is its reach – no matter where you are located – you can access our services.

Ready to start?

Alternatively, you can send us a Whatsapp!