IAMH has a team of highly trained and skilled mental healthcare professionals.
All our therapists are qualified psychologists with a Masters in their field. Their credentials are verified so you can be assured you are in safe hands.

What is MWP?

MWP stands for Mental Wellness Professional. This is a suffix bestowed upon by Vervulling Wellness for practitioners who are Verified by Vervulling ™️ – and have to go through strict quality control checks. A Verified by Vervulling MWP certification is extremely competitive. 

MWPs are further given a ‘Level’ identification – depending on the type of therapy they offer, the response from clients, the experience and CPD training, etc.

💬 Reviews
“Mr. Ummang is fantastic at his work. I have been doing weekly sessions with him and I feel better every time I see him. He is a good listener. Much recommended.”
💬 Reviews
“It was a great experience and yes psychotherapy really helps a lot especially when it is put forward in the correct manner, this was exactly what the doctor did, I could easily relate to the examples and models explained by him and I could easily put them to practice.”
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Introducing the gold standard for mental wellness, now at IAMH. Verified by Vervulling™️ is the quality check that ensures you get the best possible care, and many of our team members now have the check. 

Learn more about Verified by Vervulling here

🤓 Your MWP Team

Your partners on the mental wellness journey

Shreshth Bhati


(Associate Psychologist)

ℹ️ he/him

🎓 MA Psychology – Psychosocial Clinical Studies

💬 English, Hindi

✅ Taking New Clients

🔍 Stress, Anxiety, Performance Management, Motivation, Self-Esteem

Mandeep Kaur


(Sr. Psychologist)

ℹ️ she/her

🎓 MSc Applied Psychology, PGD Rehabilitative Psychology

💬 English, Hindi

✅ Taking New Clients

🔍 Anxiety, Depression, Developmental Conditions & SLDs, Guidance & Counselling

🥇 Elite Services

High-end services by our highest-rated team members.
Elite services are offered at a separate pricing. 

Aayushi Srinivasan


(Sr. Psychologist)

🥇 Elite Pricing & Service 

ℹ️ she/her

🎓 MSc Psychology of Mental Health

💬 English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi

✅ Taking New Clients

🔍 Anxiety, Trauma, Relationships

🚫 Caseload Full -Not Taking New Clients

Ummang Sharma Bajpai


(Integrative Psychologist)

🥇 Elite Pricing & Service 

ℹ️ he/him

🎓 MSc Psychology of Mental Health

💬 English, Hindi

🔍 Anxiety, Trauma, Depression, Identity

🏳️‍🌈 Queer Affirmative

Naina Midha


(Sr. Psychologist - QACP Specialist)

🥇 Elite Pricing & Service 

ℹ️ she/her

🎓 MSc Applied Psychology

💬 English, Hindi

✅ Taking New Clients

🔍 Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Identity, Adjustment

🏳️‍🌈 Queer Affirmative

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be."

Your life is waiting to be lived. Our therapists can help you understand yourself, unlock your potential and find the best version of yourself.

🚀 Leadership Team

The people who help keep IAMH up and running!


Head of Operations

👋 (she/Her) 📍Hyderabad

🎓The University of Edinburgh

Aayushi brings in a strong background in Mental Health as she aspires for IAMH to have a growing and endearing presence both domestically and globally. Aayushi shows a balance of pride and humility when it comes to understanding the human pulse and boasts of being a linguistically articulate and intelligent individual.

Her prior roles include showcasing the knowledge of organizational effectiveness, efficiently engaging with and networking with employees and improving the overall quality assurance in various multi-rehabilitation clinics in Hyderabad.


Head of Services & Innovation

👋 (he/Him) 📍Noida

🎓The University of Edinburgh

Ummang combines his formal training in Mental Health, with years of innovation and entrepreneurial experience with multiple startups teams, to lead IAMH’s service offerings, with a hawk-eye on rigorous quality control and innovative problem-solving.

His diverse prior work includes Human Resources as well as Content Development and Editorial, with bold startups like The Creative Chimney, as well as established names like Hindustan Times. Alongside his leadership role, he is also a practising MWP at IAMH.


Head of Growth

👋 (he/Him) 📍Noida

🎓University of Delhi

With a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from the University of Delhi, Sanjeev takes a keen interest in understanding concepts and connecting the dots. With his years of experience in Communications and Marketing, he has helped brands reach bigger audiences and build better recognition in the market.

When he is not straining his eyes in front of screens, he likes to be involved in recycling and DIY projects. He has directed and performed in various stage and street plays over the years and is a self-trained percussionist.


Principal advisor

👋 (she/Her) 📍New Delhi

🎓Jawaharlal Nehru University

An expert in management and delegation, Monica brings in a diverse background of work experience, from rural field work to legal systems as well as education. Her education in the social sciences gives her a strong foundation in understanding and working with people.

Her prior work includes roles at the Government of India, as well as numerous education Institutions.


Chief Marketing Consultant

👋 (she/Her) 📍Noida


Arushi is a marketing and branding professional, passionate about consumer behaviour, creative problem solving and research, she’s excellent at finding solutions from her crucible of ideas.

Her prior experience includes working with P&G, Tata Group, Colgate Palmolive, Harman India (JBL) and many more.