Pronouns:  he/him

Languages: English, Hindi

Shreshth Bhati

Mental Wellness Provider
Level 2 - Associate Psychologist

Shreshth is an associate psychologist at IAMH, having completed his Masters’s in Psychosocial Clinical studies from Dr B.R Ambedkar University, Delhi.

Shreshth’s approach is evidence-based, and he believes in providing practical solutions that can help his clients reach their full potential. His focus is on helping individuals build resilience, improve their mental health, and overcome any psychological barriers that may be preventing them from living a fulfilling life.

He is also working towards helping athletes improve their mental health and overcome psychological barriers that are holding them back, whether in their personal or professional lives. He believes that a strong mental game is crucial for success, whether on the field or in other areas of life, and is dedicated to helping individuals develop the necessary skills to achieve their goals. He also helps coaches develop effective communication strategies, foster team cohesion, and build positive team cultures.

Deals With:

👉 Stress
👉 Anxiety
👉 Performance Management
👉 Motivation
👉 Self-Esteem

Focus Area:

⭐ Psychodynamic Therapy
⭐ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
⭐ Person Centered Counselling


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