Return, Refund and Cancellation policy


It is our endeavour to help you have a hassle-free purchasing experience. Due to the nature of services, there is no return of the services purchased through our website. Further, policies may be different based on promos and on the service itself. Please read all refund and cancellation-related policies to the product, service, or promo before paying, as this policy will also apply in the case of any instances where a rescheduling or cancellation of a session is requested.

1. Payments:

1.1. All services offered by IAMH are offered on a fixed/flat fee basis and are not subject to any deductions or negotiations. 

1.2. A “Session” or “Consultation” means a professional service provided by Vervulling Wellness LLP, whereby an expert or representative from our organisation engages in a scheduled meeting or discussion with the client for the purpose of offering advice, guidance, or information on a specific matter within their area of expertise. The consultation session may be conducted in person, or through video conferencing, or any other earlier agreed-upon method of communication. The price will have been communicated prior to the session. The duration and timing of the session will also be pre-determined. 

2. Overtime Policy:

2.1. After the applicable duration of the session, plus a five-minute buffer, ‘overtime charges’ of ₹500 (₹600 in case of offline) will be added for up to 15 minutes, and then repeated every 15-minute intervals. For payments made in currencies other than the Indian rupee, additional charges or fees may apply.

3. Clock Policy:

3.1. We begin billing the session at the predetermined time of the appointment. We suggest arriving at least 10 minutes early to avoid wastage of session time, and for filling of forms and so on. In the case of online sessions, please be ready for the session at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled session time. We will be unable to offer any adjustments due to late or no arrival. 

4. No Shows:

4.1. Refunds shall not be offered to “no-shows”. Individuals who do not show up for their appointment at the pre-booked time will be considered a no-show.

4.2. Exceptions may be made in extreme circumstances, however, decisions made regarding this will be at the sole discretion of the management, will be final and binding. If you’re unable to attend a session due to an emergency, please let us know in writing as soon as possible. Please know that we do not consider a change in schedule (such as meetings running late, delayed transport, change of plans) as emergencies.

4.3. In the context of online sessions, a “no-show” refers to a client who does not sign into the online meeting (such as Google Meet) within the first 15 minutes of session time.

5. Rescheduling & Changes:

5.1. If you wish to make changes to the timing of the session you have booked and paid, you need to use the reschedule option on the my account section of the website. You need to make such a change at least 4 days prior to your scheduled session time.

5.2. If you wish to make a change to the timing of the session less than 4 days before the scheduled session time, you may contact our helpdesk team on In this case, the following shall happen: 

(a) your scheduled session will be cancelled, and 

(b) you will be given credits in your IAMH Wallet (In case of Indian Rupee paying clients), OR a coupon code to make a fresh booking, OR will be rebooked on the next available session (in limited cases, in case the option is available); 

BUT An administrative fee (“change fees”) for the rescheduling may be applicable, based on the consultation type (More details in Annexure 1 of this policy) – which will be DEDUCTED before the credit or coupon is offered. Such a wallet credit or coupon offered will be of the remaining amount only. 

Please note, such a request MUST be made before the scheduled session time. Additionally, please note that the change fees applicable depends on how late the rescheduling request is made. 

5.3 Cancellations will invite a cancellation charge per session. Less than 48 hours before session time, an increased cancellation fee may be applicable. More details for these charges can be found in Annexure 1 of this policy.

5.4. In case you reach out to us for a reschedule, cancellation or change, outside of our helpdesk team’s work hours, we will treat the timestamp on your email as the time the request is made, and process it on the next working day. In such cases, please also add your provider to the email request. Please make such requests only via email. 

5.5. Any change requests including rescheduling or cancellation, must be made in writing before the session time. We will be unable to take a request once session time has already begun, and the client will be treated as “NO SHOW” regardless of correspondence. 

6. Refunds

6.1. Refunds will be furnished in case the session is cancelled by IAMH, AND if a reschedule is not possible.

6.2. Customers requesting serial or repeated refunds may be blocked from making further purchases.

6.3. For claiming a refund, the Customer should first ensure they are eligible for a partial or full refund as per this RRC Policy, AND necessarily have the valid invoice of the session booking, Appointment ID, Proof of Payment & ID documents of the customer who is seeking a refund, so as to be able to get the refund.

6.4. Refunds will usually be processed in 7 business days to the source account (whenever possible).

7. Other Charges

7.1. Processing, Booking, Internet Handling and/or Convenience Fees, Cash Handling Fees, Late Fees, Overtime Charges,  and Service Charges are completely nonrefundable.

7.2. For any events, special bookings, offers – an additional policy may apply – which will be mentioned on the respective product/service/event page. 

Annex –1: Details of Chargeable Amounts

 1. Charges Table

    Change Fees Cancellation
    Upto 4 Days 4 Days to 48 hours 48 hours to 2 hours less than 2 hours No show Upto 48 hours
Less than 48 hours
Basic Session (General Timings) INR Free 250 550 700 Full 425 800
Basic Session (Priority Timings) INR Free 250 850 950 Full 675 1,300
Elite (All timings) INR Free 250 1250 1400 Full 1,000 1,900

* where FULL refers to the FULL amount paid by the customer. 

2. For Trial Sessions & Quick Sessions: All Change Fees: ₹450

3. For Offline Sessions: Rescheduling charge: ₹1500; up to 2 hours before the session, after which no-show charge applies. No Show charge: ₹3500 (or full amount if amount paid is less than INR 3500). Cancellation charge: ₹1250 up to 48 hours before the session time; FULL AMOUNT PAID if less than 48 hours before the session time. 

4. Processing, Booking, Internet Handling and/or Convenience Fees, and Service Charges – These are completely nonrefundable.