Notice: The Sambal Program is being discontinued temporarily, effective February 1, 2023.

We are not taking new bookings. Please contact the helpdesk team for any existing booking related information.

The Sambal Program

Addressing Two Needs at Once

✅ The Need for low priced sessions

✅ The Need for teaching opportunities


The Institute for the Advancement of Mental Health is proud to be a leader in the mental wellness space, and as part of addressing the need for high-quality psychotherapy, our learning, training and skill development program for trainee Mental Wellness Providers (MWP) incorporates teaching sessions


How does this work?



Instead of your case being assigned to only one MWP, your care will be handled by two or more trainees under the supervision of a senior MWP. This means that your sessions may be observed by the senior supervisor to make sure everything is happening correctly, or may sometimes be conducted by the supervisor with trainees in observation. 

The observers (trainees or supervising staff) will participate in the Google Meet meeting session for 40 minutes – they will have their microphone and camera muted at all times. You may also have the option to be introduced to them after the session, only if you want to – or you may prefer to have no interaction with them – that’s totally up to you.

Why should I do this?

The aim of this program is to allow trainees to observe what happens in an actual therapy session – so that they can better understand how to be a good psychologist. Only a few of our Senior Psychologists are mentors to trainees and only those clients deemed fit for observation are invited to participate in the program. Once they have met some key milestones, they’re allowed to take over the direct interaction with the clients. 

Overall, this is needed to improve the quality of psychologists that enter the workforce – which is desperately needed.

Here is why:

We are happy to invite participation from clients into this program. To reward this bold step in enabling future generations of mental healthcare providers to learn – we offer a discount to all participants of this program.

If you are a client at IAMH and want to participate, ask your therapist if they are a mentor in the program, and they will be able to offer you an invite.

If you’re new to IAMH, enroll using the options below.


Sign ups for the program are currently closed. 

INR 950 for sessions led by Elite Service MWPs only.

INR 400 for all other sessions – led by trainees as well as senior MWPs under weekly supervision.