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Please note that all online sessions will now take place over Google Meet® - both for audio and video. You can sync your Google calendar to your IAMH account from the My Consultations page for seamless connectivity. (Google Meet is a registered trademark of Alphabet Inc and is not associated with us in any way.)

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As part of our commitment to High-Quality Service, IAMH is proud to introduce our new quality assurance feature that allows clients to report any professional problems they may notice.
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Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice

India decriminalised LGBTQIA+ relationships in 2018 but it’s a long way from radical acceptance. LGBTQIA+ people still struggle with expressing themselves openly, or claim rights or occupy spaces that have remained inaccessible to them. Being an affirmative practitioner allows people to open up and feel safe in the space of mental health.

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IAMH is an online-first institute, established with the aim to improve access to human wellness.

Our Holistic approach is aimed at mental wellness, which allows you to stay mentally healthy and acts as a prevention against mental health problems. Scientific methods based on CBT, PCT, and more are used as part of an eclectic approach that begins with a wellness plan tailor-made just for you, by our skilled team members.

We follow the same holistic ideals in our approach to physical health – being mindful of the mind body connection when dealing with physiological healthcare.

Online Counselling & Psychotherapy

IAMH is dedicated to offering support for mental wellness and providing psychological therapy, with quality online services across India, (and worldwide via our partner website vervulling.com.)

Starts at just ₹1600

" The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. "

Not just therapy!

IAMH also aims to improve evidence based research in various upcoming domains of mental healthcare – including video-game based therapy, artificial intelligence, minority mental health and so on.

Finally, IAMH will begin its own set of curated courses specifically designed for being applied in contemporary psychology. This includes corporate mental wellness training programmes.

Apart from psychotherapy and counselling services, we also offer life-coaching services to individuals as well as corporate mental wellness packages for organisations, learn more about Vervulling Pro.

Our eClinic – For You.

Our goal is to promote innovation and efficiency in mental healthcare. We aim to provide the highest standards of support for mental wellness, through advanced cutting-edge methods that are backed by scientific literature. Currently, we offer online psychological therapy worldwide, supporting our clients who are suffering from mental health problems.

Mental Wellness, not just mental healthcare.

Our wellness-first approach to mental health takes root in positive psychology: our aim is not just to get rid of a problem, but to enable our clients to lead a well-adjusted and happy life. We want to reimagine the way mental health conditions are perceived and tackled. Indeed, one in four people experiences mental illness or difficulties at some point in their life. That’s, roughly, as likely as getting the flu! But most people don’t seek proper care for mental health-related problems – and that is something we resolve to change.

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