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We understand that first times can be difficult. So all our first time users are required to go through an Introductory consultation. This will allow you to see if you’re comfortable with the MWP chosen, and can clear out your doubts and discuss your plans and goals from therapy. 

If you’re new to IAMH, you’re required to have an Introductory consultation with the MWP you’ll be working with.

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Not your first time here? Repeat clients can book using the link below. It’s a faster process!

Step 1: Book Your Session

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⚠️ Note: Ummang & Divyani are not taking new clients at the moment due to full caseloads. 

You can choose who you want to work with, as our diverse team of MWPs offers services in various specialisations. It’s worth remembering that with IAMH, the following are always included with all sessions:

Trained Professionals with a Verified MWP Status. More info about this below:
Evidence Based Approach with High Quality Control and Frequent Checks
Online-First Services with easy online access via Google Meet®️ and Online Payments