To help you QUARANTINOS, we have come up with ways that you can keep yourself occupied.

Following a schedule can help.

Ideas for a daily routine, that worked for us, may work for you too! Here they are:

1. Create weekly self affirmations on hope, growth, love, comfort, care, confidence, and logic. This maybe through words, writing songs, painting, dance, anything you like !

2. Jumping jacks, cross body jogging, and skipping rope 100 times if you’re feeling low, bothered, or if any harmful thoughts are entering your mind.

3. Play online or offline board games and games like Uno, Monopoly, or cards with people who you feel comfortable with and like having fun with.

4. Choreograph if you’re a dancer! Write songs, poetry, theater. This is a good time for self reflection and creative growth! Maybe even brush up your skills with free online music tutorials!

5. Take out your summer clothes!!?

6. Make a list of your worries, and try to think of the creative ways in which you can support yourself. If you need help, ask your parents, friends, for suggestions?

7. Practice yoga, meditation, gratitude to ground yourself.

8. Limit your Netflix and TV time + gaming time to maximum of 2 hours a day , or maybe one movie. Let’s not rewire our brain to get used to a sedentary, digital dependent!

21. Start a journal (it will help you and your counselor later, where you can share you daily log of thoughts and feelings)

22. Say something that you are proud of (add into your journal if you want)

23. Drink lots of water!

24. Watch an old movie that you love

25. Write your 5 year dream plan

26. Take time to make your bucket list for the rest of the year.

27. Make a ‘stop doing list’ things you want to change about yourself

28. Clear space off your computer or smartphone

29. Read something inspiring

30. Clean your room

31. Compliment yourself

32. Catch up with an old friend

Also, don’t forget that you are a superhero!

And you are saving the world by staying in.

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